Calibre has been working with the traffic and transport planning industry across Australia for more than a decade. We are passionate supporters of the industry, layman transport nerds, and here to provide independent feedback and advice.

If you are looking for the first step in this field, need to find an organisation that will support you to develop/progress, or looking to make a career pivot, then do get in touch. Whilst we represent and work on behalf of firms, our first focus is on helping people work out where will be the best fit.

Some of the roles we have worked on recently include;

  • Manager Transport Planning, Local Council
  • Traffic Engineering / TIA Specialist
  • Transport Analytics/Modelling Lead
  • Pedestrian modelling
  • Strategic Transport Planning, Stage Gov't
  • Transport Operations Manager, City Council
  • Bus/Transit Planning Exec

We have also run multi-role campaigns for organisations seeking

  • Transport/Data Analysts
  • Rail/Bus/Transit Operations

All enquiries are handled confidentially and we will discuss all parties in the market openly and give fair but frank feedback on the pro's and con's of each. Please register your details below.