The following articles have been written and published over the past few years by our director, Ben Wood. The response we have had has been great and so we wanted to make them available for others. Please do get in touch with any feedback.

  • CV 101: First page = First impression!

    A quick read we have put together to help give people some outside perspective on how to structure their CV. Obviously this will be most relevant to people considering a move but I also hope it offers some value to those needing to pitch for internal promotions or as part of proposals/bids. Either way, I hope people find it of some use

  • Cover Letter 101: It's not all about you!

    A follow-up article to our CV 101 piece. One of the key takeaways - If a CV's purpose is to talk about you then the cover letter is your chance to connect the dots between the role you are applying for and your ability to fulfil it. Would love to hear your thoughts, personal tips and questions.

  • What do you want to do

    Whether you have an end of year performance review coming up, want to pursue an internal vacancy, beginning to feel your role is becoming monotonous, or are actively planning to move firms, taking time to work out what you actually want to do is always worthwhile. In fact it's essential.

  • An insight into how we deal with DIS-satisfaction at work

    For ten years here at Calibre we have been helping Australian and New Zealand based organisations identify and attract top talent, only to see many of these same clients struggle to develop, engage and ultimately retain their best people.

  • Onboarding – simple steps for a successful start

    When the first few weeks in a new role can make or break a new employee who is ultimately responsible for making sure new hires become fully committed team members?

  • What the visa changes mean for those affected

    Ever since the government announced they were changing the rules for temporary migration there has been a great deal of spin and political speak that has created uncertainty for both employers and employees on what these changes mean for them.

  • Please mind the gap! The costly lesson of not listening to your employees

    The gap between well-paying roles and satisfaction levels within the transport and infrastructure industries is widening impacting retention rates.  Is more money the answer?